The Various Types of Celtic Jewelry
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Celtic jewelry is something that's been circulating around the world for a very long time, and remains as popular as ever. The symbols that have their origin in the British Isles and nearby regions have come down to us over the ages and have retained their appeal. It's now possible to find jewelry with Celtic designs almost anywhere that sells jewelry, whether online or in stores. Celtic jewelry comes in many forms, and below are just some examples of what's available.
One very popular type of Celtic design that's been around for centuries is the Celtic cross. This symbol is simply an encircled cross that usually contains the distinctive Celtic style knotwork as well. You can find many examples of this symbol throughout Ireland and other Celtic lands. This is a design that's sometimes worn for its spiritual significance, but many people like it just for aesthetic reasons. Celtic crosses are often found as necklaces, although you'll also see it on rings and other items. You can wear a Celtic cross to display your Celtic heritage or simply because you like the design. The triskele is a type of spiral that you've probably seen at some point, even if the name isn't familiar. The spiral is a motif that's commonly seen in Celtic artwork, and the triskele is actually three connected spirals. If you're not sure what a triskele is, it's best to find an image of it online, as it's a fairly complex design to describe. A triskele is a design that uses the same basic idea found in Celtic knotwork, as you have a line that's continuous and infinite. The triskele is an ancient symbol that was used in the British Isles centuries before even the Celts came to that region. The Celts, however, adopted this design and have long used it in their jewelry and art. This symbol, then, can be turned into a striking piece of jewelry such as a necklace.

If you're looking for an unusual piece of Celtic jewelry, you may want to wear a Celtic torc. Sometimes people will wear this Celtic jewelry on their wrists as a bracelet that has unique designs. If you wear a Celtic torc, you might like the way it feels because it is very firm. The twisting nature of the Celtic torc is what makes it very unique, as well as being made of silver or gold. Dating back as far as the Roman Empire, this type of Celtic jewelry has been popular for centuries.

Right now Celtic jewelry is quite fashionable, but that isn't why you have to wear it. Lots of people have liked the unique style of Celtic designs way before they were used on t-shirts and tattoos. Browsing through books or websites that contain Celtic designs is a great way of making yourself more familiar with them, enabling you to recognize their features.

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